Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Playing Catch Up, Part 3 ... Shows & Hiking

This brings us to May.  Which was another busy month, especially for Tucker.

He showed at his second Rally show the first of May and earned his second Q with a 92.

After the show I stopped by Cascade Falls (where we had taken Teach a few years ago) for something fun for Tucker to do.  As usual when taking him places, he was a great breed ambassador to everyone he met along the trail.   This is such a fun trail to hike, and the end is very rewarding for the strenuous hike to get there.

Towards the end of the month Tucker attended a conformation show where we were hoping for a major, but that didn't happen.  Tucker did fantastic showing though.  This was his first show since the Collie Nationals and we had been working hard on getting that free-stack down.  I felt very good about his showing.  Tucker was the only dog entered and took Winners Dog each day and also took Best Of Winners as well.  This got us 2 more points bringing our total to 11, but we still need those elusive majors to finish him up.

This was our first time staying at an AirBnB with a good friend of ours, also showing her collie.  It was a great experience.  And even though I was really nervous about staying with people I didn't know the hosts were very welcoming and made you feel at home.  Its something I would consider again in the future.  And Tucker LOVED their dog ... of course he loves everyone.

As with the Rally show I took Tucker to a park to visit some waterfalls and get some pictures.

Teach was at home taking it easy while we were running the road.  He didn't seem to mind.

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