Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Pet Blogger Challenge

Teach & Tucker 
We are joining the 6th annual Pet Blogger Challenge, hosted by Go Pet Friendly.  We participated for the first time last year, and if you want to look back on that visit the post here.

1. How long have you been blogging? And, for anyone who is visiting for the first time, please give a quick description of the subject of your blog.

I've been blogging for 3ish years now.  For those that have never visited us before this is a place where I share mostly pictures of the life of Teach and his brother Tucker.  We do all sorts of hiking and exploring along with participating in several performance venues.  This past year we have added agility to our plate which has become highly addictive!  

Teach at his first agility trial in October
Tucker at his first agility trial in October

2. What is the one thing that you accomplished during 2015, either on your blog or because of it, that made you most proud?

We were able to do our first review this past year.  Of course Teach and Tucker were thrilled and even Roxy, the Corgi, got to put in her two cents about the product.  Doing reviews was something I kinda wanted to get into so was excited about the opportunity.  

3. Which of your blog posts was your favorite this year and why? (Please include a link.)

This is a tough one.  Especially since most of my posts are just pictures.  But to narrow it down to one I would say it was recap of the East Tenn Collie Specialty.  We started our conformation journey at this show in 2014 so it was nice to go back there, show in Open and get Winner's Dog.  That point was our last minor point, so we're on the hunt for majors.  

Tucker's WD photo from East TN Collie Specialty
4. A common theme from last year’s challenge was that many of us wanted to increase the size of our audiences. Whether or not we intend to monetize our blogs, it seems we’d all like to reach more people. It feels good to know that we’re connecting with others, sharing a laugh or supporting a cause, and it’s motivating to see those numbers grow! What is one thing you’ve done in the past year that has brought more traffic to your blog?

I'm not sure there has been anything that has brought more numbers to our blog or even if we have more numbers.  I would like to think people are coming back for the stories we tell and the pictures we show.  I do use Facebook to promote the blog and post a lot on Instagram and have it linked in our blog.  But I always find I forget to share the blog on Instagram.  

5. Which of your blog posts got the most traffic this year? Why do you think it was so popular? (Please include a link.)

A Real Post had the most traffic this past year.  And I'd say because as the title says it was real post and not just pictures which I'm bad for doing.  

6. What is one blog that you read religiously – other than your own – and what makes you such a devoted reader? (Please include a link.)

There are so many I follow that its hard to narrow it down.  So I'm going with 2.  The first being All Things Collie and as the title says its all about collies which I love!  I'm always anxious to see what they do next and the beautiful pictures they post.  The second is A Tail of Two Cardis.  I love seeing Jimmy's journey with agility (its where I got my agility inspiration from!) and what Wilson is going to do on Wordless Wednesday.  There is always something creative and inspiring there.

7. What resources do you rely on to enhance your technical, writing, photography, social media, or other skills that improve your blog?

Resources??  Hmm ... I don't think I really seek out anything and maybe I should!  

8. What is the best piece of advice you can offer other bloggers?

Last year it was consistency and I think its the same this year along with post as often as possible and get out there and comment (which I'm bad at!).  People like seeing comments even if its just "I like the picture".  Its nice reading them.  And I need to get better at that.  I'm terrible for just reading on Feedly and moving on.

9. What is your vision for your blog in 2016? Do you have specific goals?

I'd like to try and post more stuff regularly.  I was so sporadic with actual posts that I mainly just posted pictures.  I lacked creativity and time to sit down and write a post.  Posting pictures is my lazy way out.  I guess it was better than nothing.  

10. You have the attention of the pet blogging community – is there one blogging challenge you’d like help with, or one aspect of your blog that you’d like input on?

I think I'd like ideas for posts.  In 2014 we did the A-Z Challenge and that was a lot of fun and kept us posting and coming up with ideas.  May have to do that again this year.  So if you have any ideas or something we can join please comment and let us know!

In the meantime enjoy the last 2 pictures.

Dunloup Creek, Thurmond WV

Tucker & Teach at Hocking Hills State Park

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