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Tails of Teach would be happy to review dog related products.  We are interested in the following:

  • Treats (we aren't interested in any treats made in China)
  • Food (we aren't interested in any food made in China)
  • Chews (we aren't interested in rawhide items)
  • Collars/harnesses/leashes/ID tags
  • Clothes
  • Beds
  • Car and travel products 
  • Toys
  • Grooming supplies 
  • Health products and supplements
  • Books

Tails of Teach requires a non-returnable product be sent to us for review. Our reviews are honest and of our own opinion of the product based on our experience with it. Sending us your product does not guarantee you a review. We can back out of any review at any time for any reason or for no given reason.

We can not guarantee that your product will work for us nor can we guarantee that our readers will buy your product after reading our review. If, for whatever reason, your product does not work for us and we cannot in good conscious give it a respectful review, you will be contacted and given the chance to back out of the review if you wish.

The review we will give will be 100% honest for what we think of the product after we experience it.

If you are interested in Tails of Teach doing a dog related review for you please contact us at: ratherberidin12 at gmail dot com.

In your email please include your company name, a little about your company, the name of the product you’d like us to review, and a little about your product. Images of your product are great too. I will get back to you as promptly as I can to let you know if your product is something we can and would use.

Thanks for opportunity to let us review for you.

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