Monday, April 13, 2015

A Real Post

WOW ... It's been a long time since I've actually posted anything.  There's a reason ... our life has been busy and boring ... HAHA!

Several weeks ago my family lost our Grandma.  She was 92 years old and lived a very full and wonderful life.  We're all going to miss her!

My Grandma and I at my wedding in 2011.
The boys have been good.  They are keeping us busy.  As you saw yesterday they got to start agility lessons.  I've wanted to do try agility for a long time.  My friend Laura has built equipment but I found out yesterday that's the easy part of agility.  Its all about handling and the dog being focused on you.  We have a long road ahead and I look forward to trying it with both of them.

Of course there has been time for hiking.  I can always find time to throw that in there.

Had lots of backyard fun.

We celebrated Tucker's first birthday and also our niece Madalynn's!  Hard to believe they are both a year old.

We do have a conformation and obedience show in 2 weeks.  Teach has one more leg for his BN title and we're hoping for some points for Tucker!!

That's a good run down of what has been going on with us lately.  I hope to get back on a regular schedule with posts.


  1. With their good obedience foundation, your guys should be easy to train in agility!

  2. I'm really sorry about your Grandma! :( It does sound like you've been busy! Good luck at the dog show!