Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hiking to Cascade Falls

I found out about this trail from a Waterfall Book that I got a few years ago.  When I realized just how close this was I knew we needed to go check it out.  Glad we did ... its one of the prettiest trails/creeks/waterfalls I've seen.  This is in Pembroke, VA which is about an hour south and about 25 minutes from Virginia Tech.  It also within the Jefferson National Forest so there is a $3 per vehicle fee to use the site.

The drop of the falls is 66 feet.  There really isn't a bad angle once you get to the falls to get a picture.  There is an upper walkway which we didn't do and then the lower where we are.  There is so much room that even with lots of people out there you can find a spot to sit and take in the beauty of the falls.  Some people had also packed in a picnic and were enjoying it out on the rocks in the creek.

There are two options to get to the end result (the waterfall) which is a little over 2 miles out.  The lower trail and the upper trail.  The Lower trail offers a more scenic route but is a lot more rugged.  The upper trail is much wider and no steep steps, just a gradual incline.  We opted to take the lower trail first and come back by way of the upper trail.  Only we didn't get on the upper trail until halfway back.  Glad we did it that way because its a much prettier section on the lower part.  And if we had gone the upper path then we would have missed the two Collies that were heading out.  You don't see fellow Collies very often in our area and I wish I had gotten a picture.  Teach knew they were like him (only with hair) because he really wanted to play with them.  They were like typical Collies and were very kind to his antics.

Below are a bunch pictures of the trail.  I'll let them tell the story.  **Beware there is a lot**

 Hope you enjoyed and made it down this far after all those pictures ... LOL!  Can you see why I was torn what to show (and this is only about 20 of the 100 I took!).

We are planning to participate in Park Day 2.0 with some of these pictures.  Just trying to fill in a few more B-I-N-G-O spots on the card before we do so we get to yell "BINGO".  Stay tuned for that!

**Update** Just realized we could still join in the FitDog Friday Blog Hop.


  1. Oh now see I would love to see all of the photos! It looks just stunning there and very much worth driving for!! Beautiful shots and Teach always looks fabulous!!!

  2. Your waterfalls are so much bigger than ours! Lovely pictures! Now I want to find more waterfalls to view! :)