Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baby Shower Picture Post

We had several family members far away that weren't able to attend the baby shower for Susan and Madalynn this weekend so I wanted to share a post with the pictures from it so everyone can "pretend" they were there.  (Teach did give me permission to do this on his blog.  He said he will be Madalynn's favorite.)

Everyone coloring a letter for Madalynn's Alphabet Book

Of course Dee would do the C for Cat!

Baby Madalynn (banner that Kristen made)

All of her Loot.  The Owl Quilt was made by Mom.

The really cute cake!

Dee made a new friend with Caroline.  She loves looking at phones.

Caroline made lots of friends.

Rosary and Bracelet from Marcia and Gladys

Cute clothes from Mom (aka Nanna)

Cute pink flamingo outfit.

Every girl needs a hat for the beach!

Nana stocked them up!

Uncle Randy and Aunt Rebecca got her a fun gym

And a whale mobile ... we love the ocean themed stuff!

Caroline trying out the blanket ... it passed her inspection

Rag quilt that Laura's mom Jane made for Madalynn

Of course need a bathing suite for the beach

This little girl has so many stylish clothes ... and of course they match!

First really dressy outfit ... a fuzzy vest

Someone said something to Susan ... look at the "look"

Claire helping open the gift from Sue, Ellen and Sarah

So cute!!  And Susan's unhappy face but its really the "aww" face

Looking at the book I got Madalynn (from her favorite Aunt!)

"Don't make me call my Aunt"

"These fools put my cape on backwards"

Susan isn't thrilled with this idea ... "When I grow up I want to be an Engineer like my Aunt"

Teach got her a onsie with a Smooth Collie head on it that says "Collies are Best Friends"

And every little girl needs a Snoopy

Dee's quilts for Madalynn #1



Dee's crocheted blanket

Cute little outfit from my Mother-in-Law

Cute jean/skirt outfit

Quilt Teresa made for her (This baby will have a TON of blankets!)
Another cute outfit

Little slippers ... we don't want her to have cold toes!


From her favorite Uncle Ninny (Uncle Randy)

Susan isn't thrilled with this one either ... "I get my awesomeness from my Uncle Ninny"
I hope everyone that wasn't able to attend enjoys the pictures.  We did miss having you there!!


  1. The cake was adorable - and those quilts are lovely!

  2. what a lucky little girl!!, love those quilts!!

  3. Thanks!! We can't wait to meet her in 2 months.

  4. Thank you! And the cake was very yummy!