Monday, November 9, 2015

East Tennessee Collie Specialty Recap

Last weekend we took Tucker to another conformation show.  This time we were back at the site of our first show.

It was great getting to see familiar faces and being among so many nice collies.

We showed 4 times over the weekend and came home with Winners Dog one of those times.  I call that successful given the competition and even getting something at a Specialty.  We did pick up a point and officially minored out.  Now we are on the hunt for majors.  That'll be the fun part ... haha!!

Looks all professional

Here's a video of our WD run.

Mrs. Marjorie Tuff was our judge for this one and was one of the best judges we have shown under.  She immediately told me to calm down, take my time, if he messes up fix it as she wanted to see him at his best.  I can't say enough nice things about this lady!!

After the fun weekend we made a stop on the way home for some pictures with the LOVE sign at the Virginia Welcome Center.

And while Tucker was being a "pretty dog" Teach was hanging out with his BFF.

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