Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A to Z Challenge: S is for Stay

Today is day 19 in our 26 day challenge of posting a letter a day for the next 26 days.  Its called the A to Z challenge.  

Today S is for the Stay Command.

Teach has a fabulous stay command.  That is how I've been able to take so many pictures of him in different places.

We started this when he was really young.  Between it and come I think its two of the most important commands a dog can have.

Here are a few examples of our stay command while out taking different pictures.

Teach and Pirate Staying on the dog walk
Long Distance stay on top of a waterfall

Staying by the sign

Two feet up on a post staying
Formal stay at training one evening


  1. Teach is a very good boy indeed!

  2. Great job. I think that is right up there as the most important command.

  3. Excellent stay command! Teach is well trained.

  4. Great pictures! Is Teach related to Pirate?

  5. My dog can actually do stay and come when he wants. His stay is not as good as Teach's. He'll stay at the spot, more or less, but definitely not in a pose.

  6. Thanks! Teach and Pirate aren't related, but they do look a lot alike.