Monday, October 28, 2013

Behind on Blogging: Kaymore Mine Trail

I have gotten really behind on posting about our weekend adventures.  I did post about our trip to Cranberry Glade Area.  So if you haven't read about it head on over ... there is a A LOT of good pictures.  The scenery was great.

Last weekend was Bridge Day in our neck of the woods.  For those that have never heard of it ... its where the Department of Highways allows a group of base jumpers to close down the New River Gorge Bridge and jump off into the New River below.  Its a 876 foot fall.  It has been held annually on the 3rd Saturday in October since 1977.  This year they expected the crowds to reach close 80,000. Not sure if they reached that mark.  The event is sponsored by Subaru (which is the car I drive) so on our hike last Friday (before Bridge Day) I zoomed up on the bridge and got a shot of the Subaru sign.

I have attended this event once as a spectator.  But this year decided to not fight the crowds and go on a hike in the area instead on the day before.  So Randy and I loaded Teach into our Subaru and headed to the Gorge.  I decided to do the Kaymore Mine Trail and head to the old mine site.  Like Nuttallburg that we visited back in March this mine also was a place that some of my relatives called home.  Restoration hasn't been done at this site like Nuttallburg across the river.  But its still neat to see.  I'll let the pictures show you.  Enjoy.

This is a picture of the Coal Seam that you can see in the middle

This is the top of 800 steps that take you down where the coke ovens were located.  I've walked down them once (not this trip) and swear they added steps on the trip back up.

The inside of the mine.
Now I have this blog linked to Mischief Monday so I will show you the Mischief part of our hike.  Teach thought it would be fun to play tug-a-war with a grape vine attached to the tree.  I didn't get a really good picture because I was a little shocked when he first started to play.

That looks like some pretty good Mischief to me!  And I'll leave you with a few shots of the views along the hike.  Have a great Monday!!


  1. Definitely looks like a wonderful place for a hike!

  2. Such beautiful photos! What a fabulous place for a afternoon walk!

  3. What a wonderful Fall hike...and I'd never seen what a coal seam looked like before