Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scenic Highway and Water Falls

This post is about a week late.  Last Saturday Randy, Teach and I took off for a day trip to Cranberry Glades and the Scenic Highway.  All of this area is part of the Monongahela National Forest.  So many trails up there that we need to go back when we have more time and do way more exploring.  What we did do was gorgeous with the Fall Colors.  **This post will have LOTS of pictures.**

First on our agenda was to drive the 22 mile section of the Scenic Highway ... and it was scenic. I'll let you enjoy a few pictures from it.

We did stop at a few over looks along the 22 miles and let Teach get out to stretch his legs.  

Our next stop was to the Cranberry Glades.  This is a very unique area in WV.  And worth the stop to take a trip around the board walk into the bog area.  There is natural cranberries that do grow along the boardwalk that I did get pictures of.  


Yew Creek

Yew Creek

This is a Yellow Birch Tree that is over 300 years old.
Our last stop was a hike I had done before to see 3 water falls stair stepping down the canyon.  The hike was called the Falls of Hills Creek.  The first waterfall is 25 feet, the second 45 feet and the last 63 feet.  There wasn't a good vantage point to get a picture of the first waterfall.  There had been a lot of changes to the area since the last time I went there in 2001.  This trail is 1.5 miles long and ALL stairs!!!  Talk about a work out for humans and canine.

Middle Falls

Last Falls

The trip back up!

All that work gave reason to get  his paws and nose wet.

To end the trip we made a huge circle and ended up at the Begley Manor (on the other side of the state) to pick up Teach's Halloween costume.  Pictures of it will be coming closer to Halloween.  

Overall even with all the driving it was a fun fit weekend!!

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