Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teach Having Some Pre-Halloween Fun

Have I told you all what a good sport Teach is ... if I haven't ... then well he really is and the pictures below will prove it.

A little background first.  The past two years Teach has been something Pirate related for Halloween in honor of his name (Teach after Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard).  But this year I wanted something different.  I had found a picture of a dog in a Ghost costume that actually had a hood and not just an entire sheet draped over the dog.  I decided this year Teach would be a Ghost with a hood.  Now, I wasn't sure what he would do with a hood, but thought, what the heck let's give it a try.

So I recruited my friend Dee's husband Dale because he has made many Halloween costumes over the years that I've known them and is really good at it.  Dale was up for the task because he knew Teach was a good dog and would stand for the measuring and trying on.

Making the costume went fairly easily and Teach was the model I knew he could be.  And very tolerant even with kitties running around him.

So after we got the costume complete we took it for a spin two weeks ago at a Fun Horse Show that was having a Costume Class for dogs at intermission.  They had two categories spookiest and cutest.  I'm happy to report we did win Spookiest.  Here are some pictures from it.

I added the sign around his neck to say "BOO" but you can't see it well in this picture

Accepting our award!

So after seeing the pictures of him you'll see why I said he is a very tolerant dog and a good sport!!  He never gave much fuss over the hood or even when it came down over his eyes.  Because that was a constant battle so he could see (must come up with a way for it stay on next year).  Teach is a true Collie!!!

This past weekend we attended a costume fun show for the local Humane Society.  While we didn't walk away with any trophies (it was a who-you-know kinda thing ... LOL!) we did have the biggest applause from the crowd, had a ton of compliments, Teach got his picture taken a hundred times, but most of all we had a great time supporting a great cause.  And after it was done Teach got to play with some of his best friends so it was worth it.  Here are a few pictures from it.

Walking in the parade around the judges

Waiting patiently to be judged

I have more pictures from our spooky hike this weekend and modeling the costume with dog friends among a spooky cemetery but I'll leave those for Halloween!  Until then ... ENJOY!


  1. Teach looks so spooky dressed in his ghost costume. Well done!

  2. What an adorable and clever costume!

  3. Love the costume, but really want to say "What a great dog!" I can't imagine mine being that tolerant. I happen to think dogs in hats are hilarious, but it takes some super duper treats (i.e. real bacon) to get them to stay still long enough for a picture. An entire contest would be out of the question at this point -- but I'm trying!