Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Ride With Beautiful Views

On Thursday I was able to take the day off work and enjoy a nice horseback ride.  We headed out the road to a farm not far that had some awesome views across the New River Gorge over into Fayette County.

To keep the peace in the neighborhood we leashed our dogs out the road past the neighbor's houses.  This was quite a feat for Laura and her pack of 3.  I only had Teach, who wasn't to thrilled with the idea, but did well.  Below is a video of this:

Before we headed out on the ride we let the whole pack of dogs play for a little bit to get their energy out.  Knowing we had to lead dogs the number we took with us was limited.  Here are some pictures of them having fun (and posing) and a video of them playing.

Teach, Xander and Mercy (their new buddy)

Two Tris - a Smooth and a Rough (Pirate)

Pirate, Frisco (Belgian Malinois), and Argos (German Shepherd) killing the road cone

Xander didn't want Pirate to participate in the photos.
Now for the pictures of our ride.  We head to ride straight up the side of a mountain to get to the really pretty views.  One of the pictures is of me on the side of the mountain ... you can kinda tell how steep it was in it.  The horses did great coming up it and didn't get very winded.  The dogs were ready for a rest when we got to the top.  It was worth it for the views.  There is also a video of a portion of our mountain riding.

Laura riding Dakota, Rasky and Xander in background

Rasky, Drummer, Xander, Dakota and Laura

Xander taking in the views too


This is the picture you can kinda tell how steep it was. 

Teach ready for a rest
That evening it made for a very well behaved tired Collie!


  1. My mom is jealous of your horseback riding. I bet the dogs enjoyed being off leash. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. That pic of the 2 tris next to each other for comparison is pretty awesome

  3. Oh what fun!! I'm not sure how my two would do with horses but I'd sure like to try!!

  4. OMG my cheeks hurt from smiling at Teach and Pirate together!!! Love! Love Love! Oh, and the adventure looks like fun too. But Teach and Pirate!!!! :)