Friday, October 4, 2013

Fitdog Friday: Glade Creek Trail

Today we are participating in Fitdog Friday.  We decided to head down to part of our National Park here in our area to see if they closed it down.  Luckily they didn't.  This is a popular fishing spot/trail.  You pretty much need a 4x4 to get down in there because of the rough rocky road going down the mountain.  Randy and I hiked the other end of this trail in the spring.  The trail is 6 miles one way.

We hiked about 2.5 miles round trip and the dogs, I'm sure, did more than that running back and forth.  Teach had a blast running and playing with his new buddy Mercy and Pirate (both belong to my friend Laura).

Fall sure is in the air!  This is our favorite time to hike as the temps are cooler with lower humidity and the scenery is so pretty!!  Enjoy the pictures below.  I apologize for some of the blurriness ... its hard to catch them being hyper clearly in a shaded forest.  We all got out and got fit today!!

Pirate & Teach

Mercy, Teach & Pirate

No dog was hurt in the making of this picture!

Pirate oblivious he is in the middle of a stand-off.

Always need a water break


  1. Looks like a fun day, lucky pups! I had two collies like Pirate growing up. Lear and Hershe.......

    It's hot her in NoVa today! No fall temps at all!

  2. Pirate and Teach look just like each other. I mean, minus the hair. Teach is quite the photogenic hound.

  3. Hey Teach - glad that trail stayed open - it looks like a great hike - leaves and water - best combination....and good romping company. That's how we keep FIT!

  4. Looks like a great place to run and play!!