Friday, July 19, 2013

Follow-Up Friday: Weeks 4 & 5

I was busy last weekend with a Dave Matthews Band Concert (may favorite band!) so missed out on Follow Up Friday last week.  Just to let everyone know I did read ALL the comments and thank you so much for your continued support on our journey in Blog-Land.  I do apologize I didn't get to respond to everyone.  Here is a our newer version of Follow-Up Friday encompassing two weeks!

On Black and White Sunday from two Sunday's ago we had a picture of Teach and Roxy.  I love their ears and that was one of the most popular comment ... they do go well together with them.

Wednesday had Teach with his head through the hammock on our porch.  Yes, he did this on his own and does it frequently.  He is one silly dog.  He always backs back out of it and has never tried to come all the way through.  Its the funniest thing.

Also on Wednesday we had Corgi-Time a special blog showcasing Teach's Aunt Roxy making the Daily Corgi.  She is very grateful to everyone's kind comments on it.  Teach says she has had enough blog-time now this is his blog ... LOL!!

This past Black and White Sunday Teach and I got to enjoy the outdoors the best way we know how....on a trail ride.   Teach does really well with the horses as do all the dogs along with us.  And the horses tolerate the dogs.  As a matter of fact the dogs provide some confidence for some of the horses we ride.  Its funny they look to the dogs to go first in some areas.

Monday we participated in Monday Mischief telling all about our trail ride from Sunday.  We are very lucky to live so close to our friend and she allows us to join in the fun.  Teach has been around horses since he was about 5 months old, but is still cautious around them and mindful of where their feet are.  He knows that those feet would hurt!!

Dirty Feet on Wednesday ... we have LOTS of dirty feet on our hikes/trail rides in our area with all the creeks around.  We do keep a towel in the car to clean them up a bit and if they aren't to bad we leave it at that.  But sometimes, much to Teach's dismay, we do have to take a foot bath (most of the time it doesn't warrant a full bath).  This time, though, he were just able to wipe them off at the car and all was well.  Sunday after the trail ride, though, that wasn't the case ... he looked like a black and brown Collie instead of a black, white and tan Collie!!  

That brings us to today ... FitDog Friday.  This heat has been unbearable so we make our outside sessions short and late in the evenings.  Those string of videos amounted to about 10 minutes and we were all sweating and panting.  Thanks for everyone's comments on his focus, we have worked hard on that since he was 6 months old.

Slim Doggy suggested jumping through sprinklers when its hot and we will have to look into that.  Would feel good for the humans as well!!

Cascadian Nomads the 'Send to Jump' will happen eventually.  It was like one day he was struggling with it and the next day he was racing ahead of me to jump.  Like a light bulb went off ... keep up the practice and it'll happen!!

Gizmo those are apples you see on the ground.  We have a transparent apple tree that was loaded this year.  They make really good fried apples for breakfast!

For everyone going through this heat wave I sure hope you get the cool down soon!!!  Seems like it took summer forever to get to our area but when it did it hit full force.  Stay cool or think cool thoughts!!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!  We are going on vacation (Teach included) next week so blogging may be at a minimal depending on internet connection, but we will come home with lots of good blog fodder!!  To the beach we go!!!!

Thanks Heart Like a Dog  and Kol's Notes for hosting another Follow-Up Friday!!


  1. Dave Matthews is from where we live - Seattle. He lives across the street from my friends :)

  2. OMD we love DMB too. I have seen him in concert like 10 times, mostly in college! Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. How in the world did I miss this? I'm so, so sorry. I should have stopped by and thanked you for participating! BTW, I love Teach's calendar submission!!