Friday, July 19, 2013

FitDog Friday: Keeping Fit in the Heat

This summer started very rainy and I wondered if we were even going to have a summer ... well my question was answered this week with the heat wave that the East Coast has been blessed with.

So how does a FitDog stay fit in this kind of heat??

We do some heeling exercises and directed jumping.  We keep the sessions short and fun and Teach comes in just as tired from it.  Like he's been out hiking all evening.

The first set of videos is showing some off-leash heeling with focus and doing some Rally moves (backwards,  moving then calling to heel, and stand-stay with a distance command in this case down then come).  This works his mind which is always good.  Our focus is a bit rusty.  At the time of the video we actually hadn't been practicing much.

The second set of videos is working on directed jumping which Teach loves.  I so wish we lived in an area where Agility was readily available.  I do think he would love it.  He lights up when he sees me get his jump out.  He loves it so much that I do have to do some heeling around it with no jumping so he doesn't try and do an off-course jump in the Rally ring.

How have you and your dog been staying fit in this heat??


  1. Hey Teach - nice job on the jumping. Looks like lots of fun and jumping is great leg exercise and good for the core too. Hey, when it gets hot, just tell mom to put the sprinklers on and you can practice your jumping in the sprinkler! Thanks for joining the Hop.

  2. Good work, Teach! We get to practice our heeling in the cool basement when it is hot but we cannot practice our jumps there because the floor is concrete (and we need a lot of practice on our "Send to Jump" sign...a lot.)

  3. It is hard to get in exercise with all the heat and thunderstorms...What I admire in your videos is the beautiful attention that Teach has...he doesn't take his eyes off you...Have to ask...are those apples on the grass?

  4. Love those videos and really nice work. We like to do what we call "indoor wrestling" here. :) We are getting in some very early walkies. Verrrrrry early. We are hoping for a thunderstorm tonight to cool us down.