Friday, July 5, 2013

Follow-Up Friday #3

We would like to thank our hosts Heart Like a Dog and her co-host this week Kol's Notes for this great hop!

Follow-Up Friday, a Day Late

Very cool!! I like seeing responses to comments. Wordpress lets you know when you have a follow up to a comment. We used to have a blogspot bloggie and we switched over about a year ago. Anyways, keep on going with that history stuffs!
Switching to Wordpress might be something I look into if I keep this blogging up.  Although the Follow-Up Friday is working out great for getting replies out there.  We love getting out there and taking in local history.

Awesome Follow-Up, thanks for joining the blog hop. Don't worry about joining on Saturday, the hop is open until Monday.

Sounds like you had a busy week, sometimes the time just gets away from me too. Here's hoping this week is a little less hectic.
Its great you all provide this hop and even keep it open for 3 days!!  I was a bit worried last week I had missed my chance and then saw I still had time.  This week has been busy, but because its the Holiday week so we take advantage of being off work for a few days.

Awesome followups Teach...I sent a note to Jodi but thought I'd share it here too...To add that splash of color I follow Sugar's tutorial using the online PicMonkey editor
Hey Gizmo!  I've used PicMonkey but hadn't seen this post about adding color to a black and white.  PicMonkey may be easier than PhotoShop.  It can be a pain to try and figure out.

Black and White Sunday: Serious Look

You do have a serious look. LOVE the purplish hydrangea flowers. Happy Black n White Sunday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
Something across the street had our attention for this picture and Teach didn't have his normal smile going on.  

You do look very serious Teach, or maybe you are focused on a bunny in the yard perhaps?
There was a bunny or a squirrel across the road.  We were really checking out what was going on.  Or it could have been a robin ... those pesky birds have kept us on our toes all season.

Looks like Teach is pondering some weighty the touch of blue int he hydrangeas
Teach was pondering how much trouble he would get in if he broke his stay to go chase whatever was across the road.  Which would have been a lot of trouble because we don't cross the road!!!

Love the splash of colour. Teach looks so noble.
Thanks Kat!!  I love this new feature I figured out on Photoshop!

Just beautiful! It will be ages before our Nikkos are out like that!
We have the Endless Summer variety.  The greenhouse told us they would do better in our environment   Love how you can change the color of the flowers by changing the pH of the soil.  Who would have though!!

You look adorable even with your serious face on.
Thanks Roy!  

Oh that's a beautiful shot, I'd even consider framing that one. :-)
Our flowers look the prettiest in the morning so I knew we had to do this early.  I was still in my pj's!!!  Thanks so much for the nice compliment.  I need a whole wall of just Teach photos!!

A Trip Without Teach ... What?!?!

Old gravestones are neat. Sorry to hear that Teach didn't get to come on your adventure. Looks like you were able to have fun without him *gasp!*
Old cemeteries can tell so many stories we would love to know some of them.  Don't let Teach we did have fun without him!! 

What a great daytrip. Wonderful photos - that pavilion is amazing! Looks like Teach had a good day, too ;-)
Its to bad you can't actually get up to the pavilion.  The pictures I've seen from people that own it has water still in the middle where it was a spring.  So neat!!  Teach enjoyed just lounging on the couch in the cool.

Looks like Teach was happy to stay home and cool...I love wandering through old cemeteries reading all the stones but finding ancestors would make it really special
My husband and I are lucky to have so many of our ancestors close so we can find the grave sites and take it all in.  Most of the time Teach goes to his crate when we leave home, but he has matured a lot so has been given some freedoms when we leave.  Was nice to know he didn't really care and was good while we were gone.  

I love your lesson today. There is something about old cemeteries I really enjoy visiting and seeing the gravestones and reading them all. I love looking at the writing and the dates and seeing entire families together. Hope you guys had a great Monday.
Seeing all families together at one site is really neat.  What's sad is seeing the little lambs on top of stones knowing that was just a kid.  The really old cemeteries and graves are the really neat.

Wordless Wednesday: More Hydrangeas

Hey Teach, hope you have a good Wednesday. I think you should pick a bunch of those hydrangeas for mom to put on the dining room table!
That is a great idea to pick them for our table!!  

Oh my - that is just a lovely picture. You should frame it! WOOF
Thank you!!

LOVE those Hydrangeas n you too. Happy WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
Thanks Sugar!  Hydrangeas are our favorite flower here.  So colorful!

Such a great photo! Happy Wednesday to you!
Thank you!!!

Those are some beautiful hydrangeas you got in your garden, Teach! Almost as purdy as you ;)
Awww ... thanks Kat!!  Teach was blushing a bit at your comment.

Your hydrangea pictures are making me so happy! Our long trip was a bit of a time warp and I was in shock to come home to summer in Seattle, hydrangeas and all. Teach's poses with the flowers are helping with my shock. Thank you!
I bet that was a long trip.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around that many miles.  We've always wanted to travel like that so you've given us inspiration we can do it and bring Teach along for the ride as well.  I'm so glad we could help with the shock!

Lovely flowers. You look mighty comfy among them.
Thanks Oz!!  Its pretty cozy in there with them.

That wraps up the comments from this week.  Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July yesterday!!


  1. YES, the Splash of Color post we did for Black n White Sunday is one of my popular post. check it out ... it is much easier than using photoshop. We went to watch a town's 4th of July parade and saw many yards with purple hydrangea. Happy Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Same to you! It is really nice to see all those responses out there. IT's great that they leave the blog hop open for a few days too!

  3. Wonderful wrap up Momz a chance to catch up on what she's missed Happy Saturday!

  4. Great job, love having you join the hop!! Hope you had a great weekend.