Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Park Day 2.0 .... BINGO #3!

Its getting close to the end of Park Day 2.0 so Teach and I were looking at our BINGO cards again to see if we had any more BINGOs.  And sure enough we found one with Card 9.

We have the Second row down going across.  

First ... Visit a park more than 30 minutes from your house.  Got this one a few weeks ago when we visited Cascade Falls in Pembroke, VA.  Its about an hour from the house.

Next on the list ... Like KONG Premium Treats on Facebook.  Got this one ... Now we need to head out and try to find some in the store.

Third ... Visit a park less than 10 minutes from your house.  We do this one every week at Little Beaver State Park in Daniels, WV.  This is the most recent picture from this past Thursday when we were trying to beat the rain to get a walk in.

What's going on over there??

Fourth ... Visit a park at sunset.  This one was hard to capture, but never the less we got it.  Living in the mountains its hard to find a place that the sun isn't completely blocked by this time of the evening.

Last on the row ... Like Cloud Star on Facebook.  Got this one as well.  Looks like they have some yummy things for Teach to try on there.

So .. with that we have our 3rd BINGO!  YAY!!

As before....The Park Day 2.0 game was created by Finn & Charley Too and Gizmo. Get out and enjoy the outdoors with your dogs!!!!!  And then join in the fun.

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