Monday, May 27, 2013

Mischief Monday: Hiking around Thurmond, WV on Memorial Weekend

The weather in our area has been a bit unusual the past few days with unseasonable cool weather.  That makes for a hyper Collie wanting to get out and do some things.

Saturday I took advantage of the cooler temps and went to visit another old coal town in Southern West Virginia.  Thurmond was once a huge thriving coal town up until the 50's when it became a virtual ghost town.  Today the Depot has been restored and serves as a headquarters for the National Park Service which owns most of the area around Thurmond.  The main features of the town, the bank store front and coaling tower are still standing and some of the most photographed of the town.

Teach posing in the middle of our cool Panoramic Shot

Panoramic shot of the "Commercial District" Its actually not bent like that in real life, the panoramic feature of the camera did this.

Love the Blue Skies behind the Coaling Tower

Famous Bank Store Front.  Probably the most preserved.

I have to tell a story now from when I was younger, and I know some that read my blog will know all about this...LOL!  It was a tradition that anytime my family from Illinois (and Virginia) came into visit we had to make a visit to the New River George Bridge and Thurmond.  Why we went to Thurmond, I have no idea, but we did.  And ... it had to be at least 100 degrees to go down there.  My cousin, a photographer, wanted to get pictures of the store front of the bank and the coaling tower.  Well the rest of the family decided to wait in the car until he got the shots he want.  He got upset with us because we had the car running and red taillights were in the shot of the coaling tower ... because we had the car running since it was 100 degrees.  To this day this is a running joke in our family!  Wish I had the picture to share with you all that showed the tail lights!

Teach didn't find Thurmond very amusing and was rather bored with this venture so on our way back up the road from this coal town we stopped to hike the Rend Trail (formerly the Thurmond-Minden Trail) and stop at the falls along Dunloup Creek for some peaceful tranquility that a waterfall can offer.  There is a lot of pictures below ... enjoy!

Stopping to pose in front of the Train Bridge crossing the New River into Thurmond

The Old Post Office in Thurmond

Part of the "Commercial District"

Company Houses

I'm guessing this was the Supervisor's House

Looking back towards the Depot

Overlook along Rend trail with the New River Below

The New River below

Overlooking Thurmond's "Commercial District"

Thought it was cool that trains still use the tracks so wanted to show the train in front of the store fronts

Dunloup Creek


Falls along Dunloup Creek

Sitting Pretty

It was a lot of fun getting out and enjoying the weather.  We passed some bikers and a few other hikers/dogs along the trail.  There were several people down in Thurmond meandering around the area.   While we were in town I wanted to go inside the Depot (no dogs allowed inside unless a service animal) so I tied Teach up to a park bench and had him down stay.  I am proud to say that he actually did stay down even when people came to pet him (I could see him from the window or I wouldn't have done this).  He's a very good dog and has come so far in our training.

Today, in honor of Memorial Day, I want to make a special mention to thank all that have served us past and present (humans and dogs).  And also remember all those loved ones that have passed before us (of course, humans and pets).  Happy Memorial Day everyone!!


  1. Wow!! I loved these pictures... thank you so much for sharing

  2. Wow, I can't really say which was my favorite shot! I LOVED them all! What a gorgeous place! So jealous that you always have such stunning scenery and Teach is always so great about posing! One day I tell myself Max will sit and stay like that..for now a second or so is better than it was :) Stay cool! Thanks for sharing such wonderful pixs!