Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Park Day 2.0 ... BINGO #4

We are on a roll this morning going over our BINGO cards!!  This one makes #4 for us.

This one we chose card 8.

We chose column "G" which would be the 4th one over going down.

First ... Visit your nearest body of water. Got it ... Little Beaver State Park has a lake and dam with a waterfall.  Its less than 10 minutes from our house.

Second ... Visit a park at sunset.  Got it ... again taken at Little Beaver State Park.  

Third ... Have playground fun on a swing or a slide.  Got it ... at Little Beaver State Park.  (see a trend yet??)

Fourth ... Find a monument or statue.  Luckily at Little Beaver State Park (you saw that coming ... LOL!) there is a monument right by the dam/waterfall.

Last ... Like KONG Premium Treats on Facebook.  Did this a few minutes ago for the last BINGO card.  


This makes our 4th card.

As before....The Park Day 2.0 game was created by Finn & Charley Too and Gizmo. Get out and enjoy the outdoors with your dogs!!!!!  And then join in the fun.


  1. That's an awesome monument there! The sunset pictures are beautiful! BINGO!!!