Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Christmas Collie

Yesterday evening mom and dad picked Teach up and brought him to the mall to meet us after work so he could have his picture made with Santa.  He had a blast waiting and getting all kinds of attention from the people that would walk by.  And his true Collie fashion his favorite were the kids that would come and pet him.  Everyone asked what kind of dog he was and had never seen one so pretty.  Most people know what a Collie is but have never seen a Smooth Coat before and never seen a Tri-Color either.  This was good education for people.  Heard lots of stories from people walking by about the dogs they have at home.  Was neat being able to have a dog in our mall.  There was a good turn out as well.

Here is the picture:

He wouldn't "say" what he asked Santa for, but I can probably guess ... LOL!!!  

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