Monday, December 17, 2012

Graduation & Weekend Happenings

Yesterday we celebrated Randy's graduation.  He received his Master of Arts in Geography from Marshall University.  Here is a picture after the ceremony:

Teach was pretty proud of him too but couldn't understand why we left him for so long on a weekend.  We are only supposed to leave him on the week days.  He pouted a little when we came home but soon got over it with some fun games of fetch and tug.  

Saturday we finished our Christmas shopping with getting the animals of our family some gifts.  That is always fun and this year it was pay back to my sister for her 20 squeaker toy she got Teach last year.  Demetri (aka "Kitty") gets a mouse that squeaks like a mouse every time you look at it!!  LOL!!!!  

Friday Teach and I joined Laura, her pack and Gail for a fun horse back ride at Little Beaver.  Here is Drummer telling Teach something along the way.  And another picture of Laura and I on her two Rockies, Layla and Kahlua.

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