Monday, June 20, 2016

Playing Catch Up ... Part 1

This is going to be a 3-4 part series of catching up on our lives.  I've let the blog go and I just kept feeling pulled back to it but no desire to write anything or share anything.  I know its sounds strange! If anyone is friends with us on FB or Instagram you've seen some of these updates and pictures and kept up with what's been going on.

So here it is ... Part 1 and we'll take it all the way back to March when the Collies and I attended the Collie Club of America Nationals in Louisville, KY.

Teach and Tucker participated in their first AKC Agility trial.  What better way to try out AKC agility than surrounded by all your collie friends.

Teach participated in Novice FAST and I'm happy to report he got his first leg and a first place!

Tucker was there to participate in the Versatile Collie Qualifiers where you have to compete and qualify in 2 of the 4 performance venues (herding, agility, rally and obedience) and also show in the conformation ring and have at least 5 Champion Points.

Tucker rocked this challenge.  For such a young dog (turning 2 on the second day of Nationals) he qualified 17th out of 25 (I think).  He got his first AKC Agility leg in Novice JWW (and 1st place) and also got his first Rally Novice leg with a 96 and 3rd place.  


Picture from the photographer without the versatility ribbon.  They forgot to order them or didn't get enough!
Here's a picture with the versatilely ribbon that we got in the mail a few weeks later.
We had a great at Nationals are looking forward to 2018 when its back on the east coast.  We were able to meet up with Tucker's 2 brothers and also his breeder.  And met so many other wonderful collie friends and also reconnected with so many we had already met being in the breed for just a short time.

3 Brothers L to R: Ruckus, Tucker, Caiden

Stay tuned for Part 2 and we'll fast forward to April!

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