Sunday, February 7, 2016

Positive Pet Training: Trainers Confessions

This month we have decided to take part in the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop hosted by several of our favorite blogs.  Go give them a visit if you haven't:  Cascadian NomadsRubicon Days, and Tenacious Little Terrier.

Every month they pick a theme to write about or you can write about anything related to positive pet training.  This month as the title says its about Trainers Confessions.

We'd all like to think we are the perfect trainers, but sadly that isn't the case for anyone.  That's completely normal.  There is always something we can be better at or improve upon.

You're probably wondering what my confession is going to be.  And even though I know I'm not perfect its hard to pinpoint just what that is for a blogpost.  I could probably list several.

Teach has several obedience titles but the dog can't walk on a loose leash to save his life!  When we got Teach I thought I was doing good by getting a Flexi and giving him more freedom while roaming around, little did I know that I was only teaching him something that would drive me crazy!
I finally put it together when I realize that my parent's Corgi, Roxy is the same way.  She pulls like a mad woman and its because she's always been walked on a Flexi.  We had no idea.  
I vowed that when we got Tucker he would have a long line for free roaming until he learned his recall but never on a Flexi.  And he walks so much better than the others.  He's like a feather compared to them.  

What am I going to do about this?  Well I guess that's where the second part of my confession comes from.  I'm not going to train something that isn't fun to us.  So I'm not going to do anything for the most part.  When we do on-leash walks I try to work on it with several techniques, like being a tree or turning around and walking the other way.  And it works for a while but then we get tired of just turning around and stopping so I just try to ignore it ... LOL!!  I'm terrible.  Its why we walk where I know my guys can just be free and I don't have to worry about it!  

There you have it ... my confessions.  

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