Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hocking Hills State Park Adventure

In looking back through my pictures the other day I realized I never did post about our adventure in Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio.  The dogs and I took off early one Saturday morning in November to meet our friend and owner of Tucker's brother there.  It was around a 3 hour drive for us so not that bad.

I had been seeing pictures and posts on Facebook of this really cool park in Ohio that had a lot of waterfalls and rock formations.  The perfect place for pictures, which we all know I love taking.

It was a gorgeous day to hike and explore the park and if you checked out the link above you'll see this park is huge.  We just spent time at Old Man's Cave and Cedar Falls.

There were a TON of people so the dogs got to practice with being good breed ambassadors.  Almost everyone we passed commented on how well behaved they were, how pretty and how neat looking.  Some knew they were Collies but most had to ask.  We got good at telling them they were collies, just like the rough coat they are use to seeing only with short hair.

Tucker and Ruckus posed for some brother pictures by one of the waterfalls.  They really do look like siblings.

Brothers - Ruckus & Tucker

And of course I took many more pictures.  Enjoy!

Old Man's Cave

Lower Falls at Old Man's Cave

The Upper Falls at Old Man's Cave

Cedar Falls
Cedar Falls
We highly recommend checking this park out if you're in that area.  We want to go back and explore more.

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