Monday, January 18, 2016

#DogwoodWeek1: Portrait Take A Selfie

Last year we attempted to keep up with the 52 photo challenge and it just got too much for us and I'm sad to say we didn't keep up.  So this year I wanted to try another one that wasn't as strenuous.  And our friends over at Cascadian Nomads started doing a challenge that looked fun.

Bethany was kind enough to tell me some about it and that its exactly what we're after.  Something that isn't very strict and lets you work at your own pace.  And it lets me use my new camera even more and by the end we may even figure some more out about it.

This challenge is hosted by Dogwood Photography and called the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge.

The first week they said was to take a selfie and use the self timer on your camera.  Okay, so it already starts off getting me out of my comfort zone ... I HATE SELFIES...LOL!!!  But for the spirit of doing it I sucked it up and had Teach pose with me (and you can see Tucker's ears down below the couch!).

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