Friday, May 22, 2015

Catching Up Part 2

Yesterday I mentioned that Tucker and I went to a Greg Strong Handling Seminar in Huntington for two days.  There we learned how to present our dogs and "make that pretty picture."

Last weekend I got to test out our new skills that we learned at a show in Gray, TN.

I'm proud of say that the seminar really paid off!!  Tucker and I went Winner's Dog (for 2 points), Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex under Judge Mrs. June Penta.

Showing off our ribbons!

We were the only class dog in the 12-18 month class so got the pass the Winner's Dog where we competed against 2 other dogs.  When the judge pointed to us for Winner's Dog I thought she was kidding ... HAHA!!!

Here's the 3 videos from the day.  12-18 month Class, Winner's Dog and Best of Variety where we competed against experienced dogs and pulled off the BOS and BOW.  So I do believe we painted that picture and the seminar helped tremendously.  We've come a long ways from our first time in the ring back in October.

I still can't believe I got points on Tucker ... LOL!!!  We won't be heading back to the ring until July and there he may also try for a leg for his RN.  Here's a video of trying a course for the first time (and it was an excellent course).  I messed up the spiral but other than that he did great and shows a lot of potential!

This weekend the boys and I are going to our 2nd agility lesson.  Tucker has LOVED training for this and does it with so much enthusiasm!  The complete opposite of Teach (poor Teachie!).

That pretty much catches you up on the big news from our parts.  I'll say I hope to update more regularly now that things are slowing down.  I hope to hike more and get some more pictures.  I have slacked on both parts!

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  1. Congrats on your points and OS BOW. That lady in front of you for Winners Dog didn't seem to ask if you were ready before she took off on the around together. You did a great job moving Tucker anyway. Nice win from 12-18 class.