Thursday, May 21, 2015

Catching Up Part 1

Where does time go??  I had all good intentions of updating this more regularly and time just got away from me.  That and staying really busy.

This will be a two part deal.  We have had some shows (and successes) that I want to let everyone know about.

About a month ago we headed north to Morgantwon for a 3 day show.  Tucker showed all 3 days and Teach was entered once to hopefully finish up his Beginner Novice title.

We'll start with Teach.  I was a little concerned with how he would do since we had to get there so early and he had a lot more down time than he normally does at a show.  And I had to get Tucker ready for the breed ring.  Of course their show times were almost at the same time so I was a bit stressed about that.

Teach did fantastic though.  He got a 194 (out of 200) and was 2nd place (only a point behind first) (just a side note that he had a score of 194 for each of his 3 legs ... talk about consistent).  That also finished up his title.  So he's officially Hunybahr's A Pirate's Life For Me RE, BN.  He was so happy in the ring and with only a few errors.  Below is the video of it.

I met a really nice lady who also does the Fenzi Academy classes and she kept me posted on how the classes were running and when we would show.  She was in the same class as me with a Weimraner.

Next up for him will be AKC Novice for his Companion Dog (CD) title.  Years ago when I had Katie, my lab, in Novice I said I wouldn't be doing that again as it was very stressful.  But Teach seems so happy to work that we'll continue on.  Although the CD will probably be as far as we go because he HATES the dumbbell.  He said he isn't a retriever!  We're training for agility but he isn't very enthusiastic about it so we'll see about that!

Tucker had a great weekend as well.  We didn't get any points but he a got nice Reserve Winner's Dog 2 times.  The first day we even beat someone ... LOL!!  We are coming along for sure!

Here's a few of his videos.  

This one is Class 12-18 Months on the first day.

Winner's Dog first day.

Class 12-18 Day 2.

Winner's Dog Day 2.

Two weeks after the show Tucker and I headed to Huntington for a Greg Strong Handling Seminar called 15 Points To Go.  Which was a VERY helpful seminar.  He showed us a lot of different things and gave the group the confidence we needed to hit the show ring.  Come back tomorrow to see how that seminar did for us and see what else Tucker is doing.

Showing off our ribbons at Cooper's Rock State Park


  1. Congrats on the BN but I bet Teach thought that was pretty easy after already earning an RE :-)

  2. OK stupid me. I did not put your name from the comments on my blog together with your site. I am having fun catching up here. I loved the videos. I had to laugh at young pup in the ring. That was Freighter a year and a half ago, jumping an skipping. But with practice he really improved and you and Tucker will too...or maybe you already have. ;) Congrats on your BN.