Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hiking Adventure: Fayetteville Trail

After we checked out the face trail on Saturday (it wasn't very long) we decided to check out another trail we had been wanting to do.  We had our friends with us with River the German Shepherd and the dogs wanted to really stretch their legs.

The face trail was neat, but really lacked the length we wanted.  So we headed to one that was about 5ish miles and knew there wouldn't be many people on it so the dogs could have some freedom.

Tucker and River had been dying to play with each other when we were hiking to the Face.  It was such a steep short trail we weren't about to let them go.  Teach was free but he is very trail savvy and too sophisticated for nonsense (most of the time as he tried to start stuff with Tucker and River too, he's hoping I didn't notice!).


Our leaders


Look at those muddy feet

King of the rock.

It was such a nice trail.  I still need to see exactly how far we hiked.  We did about 3 different trails that all linked together.  Saw a few different bikers, hikers, trail runners, and people with dogs.  Our guys did great with everything we passed.  

This is the type of weather you expect for March and not January.  It really felt like a spring day.  We took full advantage of it!!

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