Saturday, May 17, 2014

Teach & Babies

Yesterday I read over on All Things Collie about Scarlett coming to the rescue of a baby bird.  It really showed the gentle nature of our breed.  On Tuesday Teach got to spend time with Madalynn again (he's been around here several times) and we did a short little photo session.

I knew that without a doubt that Teach wouldn't hurt her.  Sure he licks her a lot!  But he just has a gentle way about him.  The last time they were together he really wanted her lamb that holds her pacifier so took a toy of his own and dropped it in her lap and tried to take her lamb ... at least he was giving her something for it!

You can see Lamb-y in this picture.

This morning I saw him really wagging his tail at something at the bottom of the yard.  Now this could be any number of things, a stick, a bug, an animal.  So I walked down there and he found a little baby bird who must have left the nest before they were really ready and was cold (we got down in the 30's here last night).  He would nose it and it would fly some but not high or far so that's why I think it left the nest a little early.

I went back inside to get the camera to get some pictures.  Teach only sniffed at it and then did try to paw at it trying to get the bird to play with him.  I would just tell him to be easy.  And all this happened while he was wagging his tail as fast as he could.  He had found a friend!!

Its little head was tucked under its wing ... it was cold.  He did finally get into the sun.
As we were walking back up the hill two birds came down with it ... looked like the same kind so maybe the parents.  I just hope the neighbor's cat doesn't catch wind of him being down there.


  1. All Things CollieMay 17, 2014 at 12:25 PM

    Sounds like the same situation as ours! Collies really are the sweetest dogs! :)

  2. Collies seem to have a sixth sense- the gentle sense! They truly understand when it is necessary to be tender.