Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hiking with Friends - Two Collies and a German Shepherd

On Monday I decided to take the day off and enjoy this beautiful weather we've been having.  I called my friend Laura to see if she would want go hike out on the Long Point Trail in the New River Gorge.  She had never been on that trail and I knew she would love it with the views it had to offer.

She brought Pirate and Rasky along for the fun (because what fun is it to go hiking with out our furry friends).  Teach enjoyed having his buddies along to share in the adventure.  (Although Teach didn't appreciate Pirate stepping all over him in the car.  He would growl and grumble at Pirate like an old man ... it was hilarious!)

We got really lucky and didn't have anyone at the Point while we were there so were able to get some great pictures of the dogs.  

The dogs made me a nervous wreck with how close to the edge they would get!!  I don't like heights and always a bit rubber-legged out there.  But it did give us a chance to get some gorgeous shots.

Waterfall way down at the bottom of the Gorge

I love pictures of Pirate and Teach together showing the two coat types in Collies

Some waterfalls across the Gorge.  I zoomed up to get them.

Our State Flower is in full bloom.
And these pictures are from Laura's camera.  Her dogs really pushed the limit on the getting close to that ledge.


  1. These photos are just breathtakingly beautiful. I would be a nervous wreck as well about that edge! But you really did get some incredible shots with it.

  2. You weren't got some GREAT photos! It is so beautiful there! What a wonderful place for a hike.
    Happy Thursday,