Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Grandview National Park

Today is day 7 in our 26 day challenge of posting a letter a day for the next 26 days.  Its called the A to Z challenge.  

Today we bring you G for Grandview.  Grandview is part of the National Park here in West Virginia for the New River.  It has several walking trails and is also home to the outdoor dramas brought to you by Theater of West Virginia.  

This park is pretty close to our house, but we don't go there as often as Little Beaver.  Its still a really nice park.

The Main Overlook at Grandview to see the New River below.

The Main Overlook

Cool rock formation leading to some of the caves.

Lots of rock steps to get a good work out.

There are several caves to explore in the park.

These pictures were taken last year and posted here on our blog.  The weather hasn't  been the best to get out and take pictures recently.


  1. I've probably said it before but it bears repeating...You live in a gorgeous area!

  2. Awesome pics though! The one where Teach has zombie eyes is priceless, he looks like the monster from the cave. :)

  3. I must have missed these last year so I am glad you reposted them. How lucky to have a dog friendly National park so close to home! All og our local National parks are very NOT dog friendly but it's okay because as an animal lover I know the wildlife needs somewhere to safely romp too.