Thursday, April 24, 2014

A to Z Challenge: U is for Unique

Today is day 21 in our 26 day challenge of posting a letter a day for the next 26 days.  Its called the A to Z challenge.  

U was a tough one but since we get so many questions about what breed of dog Teach is, I thought Unique was appropriate.

There is a t-shirt at Cafe Press that I would love to get to wear around because I've had all these questions.  Had one just last week ... said he was a Collie/Greyhound mix.  LOL!!!

My response is always "No, he is a Smooth Collie. He is just like Lassie only doesn't have all the hair".  Then its like a light bulb goes off and they see he is a Collie.  Everyone knows Lassie so that makes it easier to relate to them.  

I also think where he is a tri color and not a sable/white it also confuses people.  He is unique in our part of the state.


  1. Collies of both type (rough and coated) are rarer these days. I see a few in agility, like one or two a trial. I had rough collies growing up so I find it amusing someone would not recognize one, but you are right, the smooth coat is probably what throws people off.

  2. Oops....I really should proof read my comments.....I meant (rough and smooth)...I think rough and coated would mean the same thing. LOL!