Monday, March 31, 2014

Better Late than Never

So Teach and I have (along with help from Randy) have decided to take the Challenge.  What challenge, you ask?  Well the A to Z Challenge.  This is where you blog for 26 days in April (everyday excluding Sunday) and each day has a letter theme.  So for tomorrow (the first day of the challenge) we would use an 'A' word like Action, and so on.

I have debated and debated about doing this.  But today (I know I procrastinate!) I came up with 26 ideas for us to possibly use.  They are as follows:

A - Action
B - Beach, Bang, Barn, Bum
C - Capitol, Camp Creek
D - play Dead, Dead Toys
E - Easter
F - Friends
G - Green, Grass, Grandview, Guitar
H - Hyper, Hike, Horses
I - Ice, Indoors, Injury, Interview
J - Jumping
K - Kites, Kaymore
L - Licking, Looking, Lake, Little Beaver
M - Madalynn (hopefully she will be here by then!)
N - New River
O - Ocean
P - Puppy, Pirates
Q - Quilts, Quiet Time
R - Reds, Rebecca & Randy, Reading
S - Sleeping, Swimming, Subaru
T - Edward Teach (Pirate), Tie
U - Under, Umbrella, USA
V - Visiting
W - Walks, Working, Whining, Winning
X - eXcited, Roman Numeral X
Y - Yawn, Yikes, Yummy
Z - Zero, Zoomies

So there you go!  We are participant # 1931.  Come and check us out each day!!

We are also joining in Cascadian Nomads' Blog Hop to show support for our fellow Animal Bloggers on the list.


  1. Good luck! That looks like a tough challenge, you will be great though.

  2. Hooray! I am so glad you decided to join. And that is a great list of ideas. Remember that 'F' Monday is also the Positive Pet Training blog hop; friends fits in well for a post about positive socialization! :)

  3. We're joining too! Can't wait to start