Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: More AWW! Moments

Work got in the way yesterday (meeting all day out of town) so I didn't get a WW post up.  Which, in a way, worked well since Teach is still recouping (happy to say there is much improvement and we will be back at sooner rather than later!) and we don't have many new pictures to share.  I am happy to report that since we started him on a Glucosamine Supplement and I can already see an improvement in him.

Now for the "AWW Moments" ... more Teach baby pictures.  There are from his breeder.  She gave each person that bought a puppy a CD with all the baby pictures on there.

This is my favorite!  The one up one down is adorable!


  1. OMD...Teach was such a cutie-patootie as a puppy!! How nice of the breeder to give you those photos.

  2. Teach is so adorable! It was so nice of the breeder to give you a bunch of Teach's baby photos. I wish I had more puppy pictures of Beamer. Glad to hear the ol' chap is feeling better from the glucosamine.

  3. He sure was a cute little fuzzball!