Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sparkly Tree, Falling Snow, a Jumping Collie & the Chase

My friend over at Dee's Quilt Therapy made a post and it had her Christmas tree in it and it sparkled.  She said it didn't do it in person so it had to be something from the photo app.  So being the tech-geek that I am I set out to figure it out ... and I did.

When you auto-sync your pictures to Google they have a feature called Auto Awesome where they add sparkles to lights, falling snow and will put a string of pictures together to make it look like the object of it is moving.  Below are two more examples of Teach, of course I would use him ... its his blog isn't it?
This was taken the day before Thanksgiving this year
This was taken last March ... its hard to see a white bar in the white snow ... so he knocked it down ... still a neat feature.

Xander going in the attack


  1. Those are great! Did you do it in the Google photo app? The one that used to be Picnik before Google bought them out?

    1. Yes it was the Photo Google App. When my Samsung S3 updated it was on there so after I read about it yesterday I started auto-syncing to see if it worked. Seems to be working great so far.

  2. I have seen lots of photos with the auto awesome, it's a cool feature. And yours came out wonderful!!! Great job.

  3. Very cool! I wish I was more tech savy, it would be fun to add falling snow to pictures!

  4. That is super cool! I want to learn how to do that!

  5. That's pretty neat. I'm going to have to look into how to do that. Are they large files when you save them?