Monday, December 9, 2013

Beckley Christmas Parade Pictures

Since I've owned Teach he has been in the Beckley Christmas Parade.  This was our 3rd time.  This year instead of walking with our local Kennel Club (which has some membership issues and didn't walk) our friend Laura from Walnut Ridge Farm decided to put an entry in and had an awesome turnout.  People LOVED seeing all the different dogs.

Teach visited the groomers on Friday to get beautiful for his appearance and even got the white tip of his tail dyed green to be even more festive.  I heard a ton of "look at that green tail" as we walked by.

Here are some pictures taken before the start and some during the parade that people snapped and shared with us.  It was a COLD day so everyone was pretty bundled up.  Hope you enjoy!

Pirate, Oliver and Teach

Teach, Pirate and Frisco
Teach, Benson & Dory (she loves them both!)

Teach with his BFF Benson the Poodle

Waiting patiently for the start

Its hard to get a good pic of a bunch of dogs ... love how Teach is focused in this picture

This isn't a bad shot of the whole gang.

Drummer leading the group to the street

Abby, Oliver, Pirate and Teach

Daisy, the Dachshund, in her wagon

Gus & America


Teach's Girlfriend, Dory

Teach's friend Frisco (one of Laura's dogs)

Laura's Black GSD Argos, walked by Molly


Randy was our escort driving Laura's vehicle ... he did a great job leading the way

Matt and Benson

Laura with the Collies, Pirate and Oliver and Daisy behind ... she had enough of her wagon

Teach making his way down the street you can see his green tail!

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  1. It looks like a lot of fun, all the dogs in the christmas get ups. Teach the handsomest of course!

  2. How fun!! Cold but fun.

  3. Parades are always fun and make great photo-ops!

  4. The parade looks like SO much fun! I love all the dogs, but that black GSD is especially pretty. And LOVE the green tail tip! Genius!

  5. wow that looks like a TON of fun!!!
    We are #26 in the blog hop, come on by! :)

  6. Oh what fun! I love Teach's green tail. I was thinking of colouring Beamer's tuft of white hair on his chest pink :)

  7. What a fun event! We never have Christmas parades around here. (unless you count Macy's Thnaksgiving parade, which does include Santa)

  8. Good job with the green tail! I bet all the kids watching the parade loved all the dogs. Meghan from