Friday, September 6, 2013

Follow-Up Friday ... Its Been a While

Today we are particpaiting in Follow-Up Friday.  We tried to keep up with this a month ago and it fell by the way-side.  Trying to do better and have a few comments I would like to respond to and hopefully know that our readers will see.  (wish Blogger would do better...)

Two weeks ago on Wordless Wednesday: Moss Covered ForestSlimDoggy asked if that was a bridge in the middle of the woods.  That is exactly what that is.  There is a creek not far from the bridge that it use to be crossing ... we had a bad flood a few years ago and the bridge has just sat in that location.  There is also another spot on a different trail in the same park with another bridge that got washed downstream and its still there.  To cross the creek now you have to get your paws wet.  Here is a picture of where we have to cross the creek now where the second bridge use to be.

Our Labor Day weekend was spent fixing a gas leak at our house.  I can happily report that the leak has been fixed.  A Tail of Two Cardis asked if we would get charged for that leaked gas ... I sure hope not!!!  That remains to be seen, but I'll report back once we find out.

Cascandian Nomads we do have a bizarro east coast thing going on to your west coast Rough Collie and Cardigan Corgi with our Smooth Collie and my parent's Pembroke.  So funny!!!!  All we need a smooth Dachshund to make it complete.  LOL!!  There is one in our training group ... next time we meet I need to get a picture of the three of them so you all.

Teach has recovered from his 3 days of supervising.  He said that Holiday weekends were supposed to be spent doing fun stuff and not "working".  Trust me ... I agree!!

Wordless Wednesday: Taking a Swim was fun.  It was our annual dog pool party at a local pool to raise money for the Humane Society in the county.  This was the second year that Teach participated.  Needless to say he would have rather watched from the sidelines.  If it weren't for me forcing the issue he swim he would have been "outa there"!!  By choice Teach doesn't mind to get his feet, nose, and belly wet ... but he does not like to swim voluntarily!!! Here are a few more pictures and a group shot of some playmates ... all of the dogs in the picture hated swimming but the Belgian Malinois and he was the crazy one of the group that dock diving off the diving board.

You can see Teach watching in the background ... this is Frisco taking the leap  Photo By: Patricia Winter

Take note of the "pulling" going on ... he really wants out ... LOL!!

From L to R: Matt with Benson the Standard Poodle, Laura with Pirate the Rough Collie and Frisco the Belgian Malinois, Colleen with River a Long Coated GSD and of course Teach who was doing a fabulous sit-stay among the chaos so I could take the picture.
Thanks for Heart Like a Dog and Pet Auto Safety for hosting this week's Follow-Up Friday.


  1. Thanks for joining the blog hop, you had a great follow-up!! Wow that dog sure got some air in his jump! Does he dock dive professionally?

    Here's hoping this weekend is better for you than last weekend. :-D

  2. Great follow up! Love those pool party photos. Jeffie and Rudy do not like to swim. Rosie loves it :-)

  3. Good job swimming, Teach. You were very brave. I have never tried it. I'm pretty sure I'd be afraid.

    Love and licks,