Friday, August 16, 2013

Geodog Day & FitDog Friday!

Hey everyone.  It's GEODOG DAY!!!

And FitDog Friday!

Today Teach and I decided to kill two birds with one stone, taking part in GeoDog Day and FitDog Friday.  I knew there was a geocache one of our favorite trails at Little Beaver, "Woody Chair" (GC14CV0). We had done several previous cache finds last week to prepare for Geodog day that was being hosted by our friends Gizmo and Finn & Charley Too!

I knew we needed a good hike in this week so decided to make this cache longer by taking the trail all the way out the creek and back around.  By the time we got to where the cache was Teach was tired enough he didn't care that we had to stand around and walk back and forth trying to find it.  The previous ones we've went in search for he got a little irritated by not being on a mission down the trail.  Today he was happy to stand and pose with the "finds".

Also note that this was the first one we've done without Randy.  I wasn't sure about handling the GPS (my phone) and trying to find it.  But I proudly admit I got it within 6' of the cache when before the closest we could get it was about 10'-20'.  Go Team Teach!!

I think this cache was appropriately named, don't ya think??  They called it the Woody Chair and it does look like a chair ... good job!!

Here are pictures of us finding it and signing the log to get create for it.  To date this is our 7th find.  Randy and I did a few last week without Teach on our way back from the fair (shhhh ... don't tell him!).

After all that work taking a dip in the creek to cool off was just what Teach needed.

And you can see him doing his whole nose dunk to get a drink ... LOL!!!
And here are few pictures from the trail leading up to the cache ... or should I say the round about way to get to it.

If you look close you can see the dirt on the white legs!  He had fun.

I do enjoy going geocaching but I think I like the ones that require more hiking to get to.  And I know Teach does as well!!!

Hope you were able to get out and enjoy the day and maybe get a little caching in (along with hiking to keep your fitdog fit).


  1. Oh my comment got eaten by the evil internet goblins! BOL! That does look like a woody chair! Excellent find! Thanks for joining us on GeoDog Day!

  2. I'm with Teach....frustrated bu standing around :) Kudos for going after so many caches right off. I want to try and find one we can hike too. I am more interested in the hike itself but my hubby can find hikes boring so this might help excite him.

  3. Well done on your find and great idea tiring Teach out so he doesn't whine about standing in one place!
    Dina Mom

  4. U look so happy in those pictures on the trail. U must really like the outdoors. We tried ourpaw at geocaching too.