Monday, July 1, 2013

A Trip Without Teach ... WHAT?!?!

On Saturday Randy and I decided to head out the road in search of an old Pavilion we had read stories about and saw pictures of ... the Pavilion at Blue Sulphur Springs.  Because this was going to be mostly a road trip with no hiking planned and hot outside we decided that Teach would stay home and I think he was fine with that ...

Going down the back roads of WV you do find some cool things.  And this Pavilion was all that was left after the Union soldiers came in and burned the resort down so that the Confederates couldn't benefit from it.  

It sat in the middle of a cow pasture and no way to get close to it.  I used the zoom on my camera to take the pictures.  

As you can see its in fairly good shape for being over 150 years old.

Next on our adventure was to find the grave site of Randy's 6th Great Grandfather, Elder John Anderson.  He was the founder of the town of Alderson and the Old Greenbrier Baptist Church.  Cool little note about the church (which was founded on November 24th, 1781) was it was the first church founded on the west side of the Allegheny Mountains.

We did succeed in finding the final resting place for Mr. Alderson and his family.  

On the left is Elder John Alderson and his Wife Mary Alderson is on the right.

Elder John Alderson Born 1738 Died 1820

Mary Alderson

Revolutionary War Veteran.  You don't see many of these in our part of the country.

Civil War Veteran

Cool Panoramic Shot of the Cemetery ... look closely on the left and right ...
Mean while back at the ranch ...

Teach didn't seem to care we were gone ...

Hope everyone has a great Mischief Monday!


  1. Old gravestones are neat. Sorry to hear that Teach didn't get to come on your adventure. Looks like you were able to have fun without him *gasp!*

  2. What a great daytrip. Wonderful photos - that pavilion is amazing! Looks like Teach had a good day, too ;-)

  3. Looks like Teach was happy to stay home and cool...I love wandering through old cemeteries reading all the stones but finding ancestors would make it really special

  4. I love your lesson today. There is something about old cemetaries I really enjoy visiting and seeing the gravestones and reading them all. I love looking at the writing and the dates and seeing entire families together. Hope you guys had a great Monday.

  5. Hey Teach,

    You need to work on those sad puppy eyes buddy and then maybe they'll bring you too next time? :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)