Saturday, June 29, 2013

Follow-Up Friday, a Day Late!

This week we are a day late so its technically Follow-Up Saturday but the week was a bit busy and didn't get on the computer much yesterday.  Sometimes its nice to take a break from it.

We would like to thank our hosts Heart Like a Dog and her co-host this week Sand Spring Chesapeakes for this great Hop!

Without further ado let's get to following up on our comments from the past week.  We'll start with last week's Follow-Up Friday.

Follow-Up Friday

Hello and thank you for joining the FUF blog hop, we love having new additions.

It looks like you had a lot to follow-up on this week, that's what I love about FUF it can be whatever you need it to be.

I too love the B&W photos with just a pop of color though I haven't quite figured out how to do it myself. ;-) guess that's one for my 'to do' list.

Have a great weekend!
This is such a great idea to get our replies out there from our comments.  Really like the way Blogger is set up but wish there was a way to get the replies to people better without them having to come back and check manually.  You would think someone could figure this out ... LOL!!
I was always amazed at how people could make color pop out of a black and white picture and thought it would super hard to do.  We use Adobe Photoshop, and honestly its easy once I figured it out.  The power of Google!  If you have Adobe Photoshop I would gladly tell you how I figured this out.

Excellent FUF. You had a lot to go over this week. You are welcome in my Thursday hop anytime. It is nice to discover new blog friends through the hops.
Thanks for the invite back to the Thursday Hop and I had every intentions to join this week and time got away with me ... next week!!  I also enjoy finding new friends from all these hops.  Who would have guessed there were so many!!

Black N White Sunday: Fire Away!

Our guess is a historic place. I see your happy smile. Have a great Sunday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
You are right it was a historic place and a fun place too!!  

Looks like a cool place!
It was neat for sure ... but rather hot ... LOL!!!  We had fun though, at least the trail was mostly in the shade.

I bet you had a great adventure, Teach, wherever it was!
There was lots of new smells for Teach to check out and I don't think he left a leaf unturned.

Wow, cool! What a great picture. Looks like you're somewhere awesome! ;)
Marquie, Lassie & Petal
Thanks!  The sun was baking hot so we were trying to hurry for a picture with the cannon.

I'm guessing Civil War battlefield but I'll be coming back to see which one
You guessed correct Gizmo!!  You're a smart puppy!!

Oh that looks cool. We love ourselves some history. Can't wait to see!
Teach's dad is a history major so this family is always up for new history adventures.

Gettysburg? Great shot!
Not quite Gettysburg ... a much smaller scale ... but great guess!!  We hope to visit Gettysburg this fall and you can guarantee lots of pictures from that trip.  Dogs are even allowed!!

Fabulous picture!
Thanks!!  Teach makes a great study.

Monday Mischief: Weekend Happenings

How beautiful. That park would be right up my alley!
Thank!  We love Civil War Battlefields.

Hey Teach - very cool hike - so many different things, water, stairs, grass, etc. And the lighthouse...hmm why would a landlocked state need one...I guess just to enjoy the pretty view from the top. Be sure and take some pictures for us when you climb it.
We aren't sure why WV got a Lighthouse and its a running joke around here as well.  Its a short distance from our largest lake but still ... no "real" need for a lighthouse.  

Oh what fun! I miss that part of the country. Rhodas. Rapids. Class I is my limit, but drifting down river in a raft ... Thanks for sharing!
In my younger days I did raft the Lower New River which had up to Class V rapids ... now however I like your idea of just drifting down the river over Class I rapids ... LOL!!!

Great tour Teach! That looks like a nice shady trail and it's good when you can get a history lesson thrown in...Dogs need to keep up their education too...Momz sez that video is pretty neat and she's never seen one like that on a building before...Loved the lookout points...did you get to take a swim in the river on that hot day?
No swim that day for Teach.  But I think he wished we would have since it was so hot!!!  

What an amazing place. I love it all. I wonder like Gizmo said - did you get to go for a swim??
Thanks!  No swimming that day.  The Gauley isn't a great place to swim and dogs on the beach area of Summersville is frowned upon.  After our very hot hike I think we all wished we could have jumped in some water.

I have nominated you for the Liebster Awards, visit my blog to receive it!
Oh WOW Dina!!!  Thanks so much.  Can't beleive we've been nominated for yet another award.  I'll get right on that one!!

What beautiful photos Teach! Looks like you had a wonderful day! :)
Thanks!  It was a really pawtastic day!!!

I've rafted on the Gauley but it was years ago! Great pictures!
You're much braver than I am!!!  I've done the Lower New twice, but that was also years ago.  Now I just like floating down the calmer section, but love watching people raft these harder parts.

What a wonderful place to visit! Great photos.
It was a really fun place to visit and we plan to go back when they do the re-enactment next year.

What an adventure you had! That lighthouse looks like it will be fun to climb!
Your pal Snoopy :)
If only they let dogs climb the lighthouse ....  When we climb it we'll be sure to blog about it!!

Wordless Wednesday: Harmony ... Sort of ...

Teach is in the house! Be sweet Teach. Help everyone have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Teach is the sweet one ... Demetri ... not so much!!  LOL!!!

I see a SMILE. Happy Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
Teach was smiling ... Demetri was glaring!  HAHA!

Too funny! Sometimes I wonder how harmonious we are in our house too. Happy Wednesday to you!
In this case there was no resting going on ... each other had their eye on the other one. 

Poor kitty...Which is worse...Having the camera in your face or the dog in the house?
Dog in the house is MUCH worse!!!  

Well. This is a dilemma now, isn't it? Hm.
It was a whole afternoon of dilemma's for those two!! 

Hahaha, oh no. You better watch your back, Teach. Looks like the cat might be plotting something. ;P
Marquie, Lassie & Petal
Yes Teach was the one that had to watch his back for sure.  At one point Teach walked past Demetri and was wagging his tail and accidently hit Demetri in the face ... ooops ... and you thought the cat was attacked ... he flipped out and attacked the tail back.  Was so funny and Teach was horrified ... HAHA!!  He's a lover not a fighter.

Hopefully they will coexist. :)
They certainly did better this time around (they aren't around each other much).  So hopefully next time we good even smoother.

Looks like a standoff - for now.... :)
Have fun,
Your pal Snoopy :)
It was a standoff and the Kitty was winning!

Amelia sits in the window when my mom brings her dogs over! Good job not herding that kitty, Teach!
I think Teach knew better than to try and herd him.  Most cats he does try but this is the biggest once he's around.  I tell the cats just don't run but they never seem to figure this out ... LOL!!  My friend has like 8 or 9 dogs and several barn cats and those cats know just to sit still and the dogs will leave them alone.  

Well I think that pretty much wraps up the week of comments.  Thanks for following us and leaving comments.  And thanks again to DinaDog for nominating us for another award!!!  

Since it seems weird not having a picture on a Blog I'll leave you with a pic from our hike last night.


  1. Very cool!! I like seeing responses to comments. Wordpress lets you know when you have a follow up to a comment. We used to have a blogspot bloggie and we switched over about a year ago. Anyways, keep on going with that history stuffs!

  2. Awesome Follow-Up, thanks for joining the blog hop. Don't worry about joining on Saturday, the hop is open until Monday.

    Sounds like you had a busy week, sometimes the time just gets away from me too. Here's hoping this week is a little less hectic.

  3. Awesome followups Teach...I sent a note to Jodi but thought I'd share it here too...To add that splash of color I follow Sugar's tutorial using the online PicMonkey editor

    It's really easy to do