Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rally Competitions

Teach is now officially known as: Hunybahr's A Pirate's Life for Me RA, CGC

Last March we finished our Rally Novice title and this past weekend we finished our Rally Advance title.  You'll see a difference in the runs where he is more upbeat in the Novice, probably because I wasn't really nervous.  But it seems that once that leash came off for Advance I got super nervous and it shows with our performance.  This Advance run is the best of the three we did, but we (mainly I) need to work on the nerves.  Teach was very happy and carefree before we entered and I was OK as well, but enter the ring and start the nerves....LOL!!!  Our Advance score was 87 out of 100 and you have to have a 70 to qualify.  I was pleased with the score and I know we lost points for those slow sits.  For this Novice run, I believe, it was a 91 or a 92.  So not a huge difference.

We are going to go for the Excellent title.  I wasn't sure until we finished Advance and if he was offended or seemed to hate it we wouldn't have.  But he did seem happy to be working again.  It was a LONG break between our second leg and the last.

We did get pictures from the photographer there so when I receive those they will get posted!

Enjoy the videos and let me know what you think!

Rally Advance 3rd Leg, Earned RA

Rally Novice 3rd Leg, Earned RN

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