Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Trail Ride in the Snow!

Finally was able to make it out and go for a trail ride.  Bad weather and Teach's hurt leg has kept us away for almost 2 months.  It felt good to get back in the saddle.  And I know Teach LOVED playing with his brothers.  Today I rode Wildfire and Laura had Kahlua.  Along with us was Teach and Laura's pack.  I'll try to name them all in the pictures below.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Rebecca on Wildfire and Teach

Rasky's Tail (GSD), Argos Black (GSD), Teach, Frisco just hurdled Teach (Mal), and Drummer (Collie)

Drummer (Collie) is in the background. I'm on Wildfire

Had to get pics with the old cars.

Something smelled good.

Argos (Black GSD), Laura on Kahlua, Teach

The 3 Collies (from L to R): Drummer, Teach and Oliver


Playing in the snowbank.  

Argos is really stretched out here.

Play time for Teach and Xander

Laura on Kahlu and Xander

Teach is on the move to intercept them.

More play time for Teach and Xander

L to R: Teach, Frisco, Drummer and part of Rasky

Can't run a horse without dogs right around you.

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  1. Perfect harmony there - seems like everyone gets along real well and had a blast!Love it!