Monday, March 7, 2016

Teach Starting Nose Work Class

We're joining in the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop this month, hosted by Cascadian Nomads,Tenacious Little Terrier and Rubicon Days.  The theme this month is recall, but since I didn't have a post for that I decided to go with what Teach is up to these days.

Last Friday Teach had his first nose work session.  I have been wanting to find something else to do with Teach where I do so much with Tucker.  Teach has made it be known he isn't a fan of formal obedience and where he does love agility his build is going to hinder him the long run for it.  So we'll continue to have fun with that but in the back of my mind I know he won't last forever in it and won't go far.

So that brought me to doing some research on nose work and finding out what it was about.  What I read sounded like a lot of fun.  Lucky for us we have a good friend that competes successfully in it with multiple dogs having upper level titles and even getting invited to the Nationals.  So I reached out to her to see what we needed to get started.  While we were chatting she offered to teach a class to anyone else that was interested.  This brought us to Friday night and our first class.

Teach LOVES it.  He had a lot of fun in class but when we practice here at the house and he sees me getting boxes ready he's ready.  He'll pull you from the porch which I use as the staging area for him so he doesn't see where I put the boxes and then pulls me through the rest of the house trying to find them.  Its great having something else for him to do.

Our group has grown too in just a week.  We've added several more people to our class for tonight.  Unfortunately I can't make class tonight (Tucker has his weekly advanced agility class) but Randy is stepping in to take him.  He has also been working with him and seeing how fun it is.

Now I don't feel as guilty doing so much with Tucker knowing that I've got something else fun to do with Teach.  We'll work towards competing, but that isn't our ultimate goal.  My goal is to have a good time and a truly positive experience. This sport is nothing but praise and reward, just up our ally.

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