Tuesday, December 15, 2015

3rd Bloggiversary!

Looks like I missed Tails of Teach's 3rd Bloggiversary!  It was on Sunday the 13th.  I can't believe I've kept this going for 3 years already.  Even though this past year has really slacked off with the posts.  Its not for the lack of trying ... LOL!

So when we started the blog our family was a family of 3, myself, Randy and Teach.  Then last year we became a family of 4 with addition of Tucker.  I guess at some point I should have changed the name from Tails of Teach to Tails of Teach and Tucker since I mostly post about both of them now.  But I'm leaving it for now.  Maybe sometime down the line it'll change but for now its still Teach's blog.  He just allows posts about Tucker.  HAHA!

I think my last "true" post was back in October or the first of November with a recap of Tucker's show at the East TN Collie Specialty.  Since then we have taken Tucker to one more show in Pennsylvania.  But we weren't so lucky at that show and didn't come home with any ribbons (but still came home with the best dog!).

On the way home we stopped at Gettysburg Battlefield to walk around and stretch our legs.  And of course I had to get pictures.  It was right around sunset so we got some really cool pictures.

Teach and Tucker continue to excel with their agility training.  There is a show coming up the first weekend of January we are going to.

Tucker has accomplished doing 6 straight weave poles for about 3 weeks now.  So proud of him.  Doing them 2x2 is the only way to go!!  I think it took us about 6 months to get here.

Teach is still learning them.  I've struggled finding a motivator for him doing the 2x2 method and our awesome trainer told me to have him weave for dinner.  So that's what we do now.  I put an empty bowl on the reward line and if does them he gets a bite.  And we do this until dinner is gone.  We are also progressing, albeit slow!  

Lets see ... I've been taking lots of pictures so I have no excuse for not posting on Black and White Sunday or Wordless Wednesday.  I need to learn to use the scheduler and start scheduling these posts!  

I did get try my camera skills getting pictures of Madalynn with Teach and Tucker for Christmas Card pictures for my family.  We got some really cute ones!!  Everyone did so well and if wasn't for Madalynn's favorite (Uncle Randy) we wouldn't have gotten smiles from her.  HAHA!

So with that I'm going to save some pictures for future posts and not share all!  Thanks to everyone who has stuck around to read and see the pictures.  Maybe one of these days's I'll get better at writing blog posts.  Until then ... enjoy the pictures.

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