Monday, October 26, 2015

Our First Agility Trial Experience

This past weekend Teach, Tucker and I got to participate in our first ever agility trial.  I wasn't going to enter it because I just didn't think we were ready.  But when my instructor started talking about the Intro level they were offering and how it would be a good experience I decided, why not give it a try. We entered Intro Level Regular and Intro Level Jumpers.

We went in with no expectations other than to have a good time.  And that we did.  The people we met there were so nice and welcoming.  Everyone encouraged each other.  And no matter what happened in the ring everyone seemed very positive and upbeat.

NADAC is neat where you can still place even if you don't qualify.  So different from what I'm use to.

As most saw yesterday the boys did excellent.  I couldn't be more pleased with them.

Teach placed first in Regular and qualified and he placed third in Jumpers (but didn't qualify).  Tucker placed third in Regular and didn't place in Jumpers and didn't qualify.  And here when we started training for this I really didn't think Teach would last he just seemed miserable sometimes.  Randy says he is a performer and doesn't "practice".  Thanks to my instructor, Andrea, for telling me not to give up on him and keep trying.  He seemed so happy out there and even played with a tug before we started which never usually happens.

Tucker is VERY enthusiastic on the course (well he is very enthusiastic in anything he does) and I see we need to learn how to control that from a distance.  He did what I expected him to do though, and that was to visit the ring stewards ... LOL!!  He is just so social.  Other than visiting he did excellent for such a young dog and his first experience.

I was the cause the of them not qualifying in Jumpers, just my inexperience.  And it showed.  Teach took a jump the wrong direction and Tucker went in the tunnel off course.

We had several people want to meet the dogs.  Not only were they there to perform but apparently to be a good breed ambassador once again.  Teach and Tucker are always ready to meet new people.

Enough with all the typing ... I'll post the videos and pictures below.  The videos are Teach's Regular, Tucker's Regular, Teach's Jumpers and Tucker's Jumpers.  Thanks to Randy for the videos and our friend April for the pictures (which were taken with my new camera!).

Having too much fun!

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