Friday, August 21, 2015

Fun With Sheep and Walk

Our friend recently purchased sheep for her Aussie to herd.  I'm sure readers of our blog remembers seeing Gabe who we hike with a lot.  Its his sheep.  April was nice enough to invite us over to see what the boys would do.  

We tried Teach first.  Teach had seen sheep before at the Collie Club of America Herding Regional's doing the Instinct test (which he flunked).  He was too interested in staying with me than seeing what the sheep were all about about the test.  So I was pleasantly surprised when he really showed some interest with the sheep.  The video was taken after he first saw them and herded them around.  He loves to still come back and check in with mom.  

Tucker was up next.  He had been tested on sheep before he came to live in West Virginia when he was 12 weeks old.  He LOVED them at the time and showed a ton of instinct.  At one time in the video his breeder did he jumped over the head of the border collie to get to them.  So when we took Tucker out we had him on a long line just because I wasn't sure what would happen.  Well, needless to say he turned on as soon as he saw them and I couldn't keep up!  You'll see I drop the line.  He went on long several minutes after we stopped videoing and I eventually had to make him quit.  Talk about good exercise for him.  Here's his video.

After Tucker and Teach cooled down we went for a little hike up the hill and found this cool little American Flag to take pictures in front of.  

Pretty Yellow Finch on the flowers.
I had the best dogs the rest of the day.  They were WORN out!!!

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