Monday, August 17, 2015

Finally Reporting About Tucker's South Carolina Dog Show

Its been a few weeks (well almost a month) since Tucker's last show.  I'm really slow at getting reports out!  He did so well and showed like a champ both days for me.  His ever happy Collie personality really shines in the ring and you can't help but smile at him.  

Friday we went Winner's Dog for 2 more points bringing our total up to 8.  We now need to hunt those majors!  Not to bad for a novice handler and a young dog!

I have a video below and also pictures.  This show had a professional photographer at all the rings getting breed pictures so I was excited to have action shots!  It was hard to chose which to share with you all. 

Tucker's 12-18 class and Winner's Dog

Nice big smile for the judge!

Saturday we weren't so lucky and went away with Reserve to a really nice puppy!  Tucker still showed like a pro, it just wasn't our day.  I had hoped to get pictures from Saturday as well but didn't have a chance to stop at the booth before we packed up to leave and they haven't been posted on their site yet.

Dog showing has been a lot of fun and we've met some really nice and fun people along the way.  Our new friends Sandy and Guenter were super nice to set up a crate for us on Wednesday before the show and let us hang out with them during the 2 days of showing.  This was the biggest show we've attended so it really nice already having a spot before we got there.  To me finding where to set up at is one of the most stressful parts!  HAHA!!

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