Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wet & Lazy Summer

This summer has felt more like spring than summer.  We have had more rain in July than I think we had back in the spring.  On top of that when its not raining is so hot and muggy you really don't feel like getting out there.  And we haven't.  We've just bummed around for the most part.

Teach and Tucker have continued agility lessons.  She has us starting the weave poles (the part of agility that has always intimidated us) using the 2x2 method.  We're still on 2!  Teach and Tucker love to play with toys in the house but outside its a little different.  So I got a Tug-It on our trainers advice and stuff it with yummy treats.  Tucker will sprint after it but is reluctant to really bring it back.  Teach just licks it ... haha!!  Silly puppy.  So its a learning process and we'll get there eventually.  The weather also hasn't helped our training time since the yard is a swamp half the time.

Tucker is also learning to take, hold and bring me the dumbbell.  Unlike Teach who HATES it, Tucker LOVES it.  Here's two short videos, one of him taking it while sitting for the first time.  We have tried this in the past and his butt always pops up after I give it to him.  This time he stayed sitting ... good boy!  And the other is him bring it to me.  This was also the first time he let me grab it from him before dropping it.  We're getting there.  (And you'll see Teach waiting patiently in the background while we work).

What else have we been doing?  Well we had a dog show in Huntington over July 4th weekend.  We got to spend the weekend with my sister and my niece.  Madalynn loved having her dogs with her and Tucker loved being there!  It amazes me with how gentle he is with her.  He'll take our fingers off for food but when she offers it to him he just lips it from her.  Love a Collie!  They will be trouble when they are a little older!

Tucker was entered in both days of the show in hopes of some more points on our quest to his AKC Championship.  And we accomplished that.  He got Winner's Dog (over some really nice dogs) both days to bring our total points to 6!!  If you'd like to watch how he did below are the videos.

I'm very proud of my little blue dog.  He has improved so much in just a short amount of time.  I loved going back and watching the videos from our first shows and see how much we've improved and become more of a team.  So fun!!  And I'm very thankful to our breeder, Shelley from Wild Wind Collies for giving me the chance to buy this goofy boy.

So what has Teach been doing since this is his blog and all and we've talked mostly about Tucker.  He's been a good big brother and had fun tagging along.  I entered him on Saturday of the show for a chance at our first leg for his CD title.  But the obedience ring was running ridiculously late and Teach was getting stressed from being there so long (and so was I from having to wait) so I decided to just not show him.  We've been down the road of almost ruining him and making showing not fun and I have him back to where its fun so I want to keep him there.  I thought it was best for both of us.  
Having a slumber party with their girl, Madalynn.
For the opening of the Max movie we took the dogs to the theater to do some therapy work.  They had an adoption event going on and several other things.  The dogs loved greeting the customers as they came into the theater and were great breed ambassadors that day.

That's about it for what's been going.  It doesn't seem so lazy when I write it all out.  

We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop today.


  1. It sounds like you have been busy. Congrats on the points. Tucker looks great in the ring. (I could not get the first two videos you posted to play.) Thanks so much for joining the hop!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the videos. I'm working on fixing them now.

  3. You've got a TON going on! So is it possible you'll be in Tulsa next spring for the AKC agility championships? That would ROCK. I live in Tulsa!!

  4. It does not seem lazy at all to me! You've been super busy! I loved the videos of Tucker learning to pick up the dumb bell. I'm thinking this is something I could try with Delilah. Maybe I could eventually get her to pick up her toys. :-)

    Thanks for joining the blog hop~

  5. We actually started with toys. I would click/treat when he would pick one up. Then moved to other objects and last added the dumbbell.