Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tucker's Winston-Salem Show Report

Tucker was entered in his second AKC Conformation show this past weekend.  We headed down early Friday for a 9:45 ring time.  Unfortunately we were the only class dog, so no points were available.  Because of that we just showed on Friday even though we were entered on Saturday.  (saving some money on hotel stays for future shows that offer more dogs)

Let me just say ... its a good thing this boy is a cutie!

Stoping for a picture on the way home
We had to groom outside (who knew you needed to get to the show SO early to set up!) because there was no room inside for any grooming.  Thankfully the weather cooperated.  For our second time grooming he did fantastic (and I didn't do too bad either).  We borrowed our table (still need to get a few items for showing) from a good friend.

So for the actual showing ... let me repeat ... its a good thing he's cute!  He did everything but what he should do.  What I told someone earlier was it felt he was having a party in the ring.  But I would much rather have him happy, having a great time than miserable and totally offended.  He wouldn't stand still for the judge, didn't gait properly (tried to do some zoomies).  When he did settle he stood a lot better this time than last.  So there's a plus.  After the judge placed Best of Breed he came to us (chuckling) and said he was a really nice dog.  

Here' the video for you all to see (after watching it really didn't seem as bad as I thought it was).

So we have some homework to do after this show.  Each one we've learned something new we need to do.  This one ... everyone is going to start going over him.  He's been perfect for myself and Randy and just never thought of having EVERYONE go over him.  We'll be starting this week at training.  This boy needs to get use to standing still and letting others go over him.  We'll get there.

I also need to improve some things, like move faster with him!  I didn't realize how slow I went ... may have been part of his gaiting problem.  You learn something every time.  And having a video I'm able to pick apart things I need to change for future shows and what to work on, even with myself.

On a side note after we put him in his crate and went back to watch some we sat by a lady who asked if I was the one with the Smooth Boy in the previous class.  She thought he was the nicest out there and had the nicest head.


  1. You're right, it's better he have fun! And he's not even a year old yet, right?

  2. Yes he is just 8 months old. So most of its expected. I want to make sure to keep it fun for him and I want him to keep being happy in there.