Monday, December 22, 2014

Naughty List?

Since this is Tucker's first Christmas we have been hoping that Santa would give him a little bit of slack on staying off the naughty list.  He has had a few strikes. Hopefully its not 3 strikes and you're out because he had his last strike this weekend.  Let's review what he's been up to.

First was marking mom and dad's Christmas tree.  In his defense ... a tree is his bathroom and he just thought they put it there for him.  (strike one).

He loves to chew, what puppy doesn't.  The quilt in the picture below was made by my mom and has buttons on them.  After I took the below pictures the sweet little thing (sarcastic) jumped up on the bed and predeced to chew the buttons.  This wouldn't be a big deal, but getting those buttons on the quilt was quite the ordeal.  (strike two).

And what we think is going to land him on the naughty list is below.  We'll let our readers be the judge on this one (but messing with Santa's hat is probably a major strike).

So what do you think?  Does he stand a chance of getting something besides coal in his stocking?


  1. I think his 'puppy license' will still get him by. Tugging on Santa's hat was really cute!

  2. Well he is pretty cute, I think he might get a pass with just cuteness alone!! :D